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MMSCENE #001 December 2015 - DIGITAL

MMSCENE #001 December 2015 - DIGITAL


Welcome to the Debut issue of MMSCENE monthly magazine, we are excited to finely reveal the project only our contributors knew about for the last few months. While our exclusive Male Model SCENE stories were always inspiring to work on, it is time to take the platform on a new path. 

Photographers: Boy Josh, Clare Setian, Daniel Rodrigues, David Cohen de Lara, Jonathan Mahaut, Louis Daniel Botha, Leandro Ribeiro, Mateusz Tyszkiewicz, Nino Yap, Sergio-M, Smagina Margarita,

Stylists: Alex Van Der Steen, Alfredo Esteve, David Souza, Emilie Berger, Giorgio Ammirabile, Marta Sliwinska, Lisa Cameron, Paul Dela Merced, Stephanie Major, Toka Inka, Zalina Shokarova