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Design SCENE #001 December 2015 - DIGITAL

Design SCENE #001 December 2015 - DIGITAL


Celebration of talent. That is what makes us happy while working on Design SCENE and all of its publications. For more than eight years our mission is to have Design SCENE as the constant celebration of the same. Whether we are featuring top fashion glossies sent to us by Fashion Industry’s leading creatives or a very talented 18 year old from Eastern Europe who knows to use a camera, sharing this inspiring work is what kept us going for so many years.

Contributing Photographers
Alex & Iggy, Angela Mazur, Antoine La Rochelle, Davide Fanton, Domen / Van De Velde, Javi Salinas, Pawel Widurski, Simon Minardi, Suzana Holtgrave, Tanya Gaidarzhy, Tom Wawnik

Contributing Stylists
Alexander K, Donatella Pia, Ishmail Kargbo, Jilian Banjoko, Kasia Matenska, Kim Arnold, Roman Kyandzhaliev, Sav Liotta, Zoe Van Zanten